Our Association’s Aims and Objectives are…

  1. To develop mutual relations among “People of Poonakari “, especially those residing in Canada,
  2. To plan, direct and carry out Social and cultural activities, Seminars & workshops for “People of Poonakari ” residing in Canada.
  3. To provide whatever assistance necessary and useful for the Association’s members and their families.
  4. To assist “Schools in Poonakari ” financially whenever necessary to put up new buildings and in any other manner as decided from time to time by the Board of Directors, through donations from members and well wishers.
  5. To assist People who are living in Poonakari financially to develop their Social & cultural aspirations individually or as a community.
  6. To help Students from Poonakari to improve their Education.
  7. Encourage Poonakari Canadians to integrate into Canadian Society
  8. To instruct members regarding Law Enforcement, Computer Literacy. Language & Literature. etc.
  9. To encourage all Poonakari People those who are living in other countries to unite and serve their own people back home.
  10. To teach our future generation the cultural & social values of our people.

Contact us at psda@poonakari.com